Easy to follow Church Sunday School resources for ages 2-11. Lesson plans for Pre-School and Primary School aged children. Story ideas for younger children make great Bible time slots at toddler groups.

Sunday School

We need Jesus lesson 3 - We need to trust Jesus

Matthew 8:5-13

Simplified Sunday resource to be taught by parents at home during lockdown

There are many times when we feel that we are not in control. In those moments we find out where our faith truly lies. Do we depend on our own ability to fix things, or are we trusting someone else to be in charge. The powerful centurion had great faith – not in his own ability to control things, but in Jesus. The outsider, the enemy of Israel, acknowledged his unworthiness and dependence on Jesus. We need to do the same. This is great faith - not looking great but depending greatly on Jesus. Only when we understand the complete rule and power of Christ will we be able to fully depend on him.

Questions to Ponder
How does remembering that Jesus is in charge, even sickness, encourage your heart and your faith today?

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Sunday School

We need Jesus lesson 2 - We need to be clean


Simplified Sunday resource to be taught by parents at home during lockdown

Jesus has just stepped down from teaching on the mountain (Matthew 5-7). But he is not a teacher out of touch with reality. A leper rushed up, knelt before him and made a desperate request: “if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

This man cannot help himself. He has an incurable disease that is slowly killing him. But there is more, he was religiously unclean. He could never walk into a synagogue. He could never eat with God’s people. He could never feel fully part of God’s people. He was truly alone. Only Jesus could help. The man makes no claim to deserve help. He doesn’t say “clean me, because I’m better than them” or, “clean me, because look how I’m kneeling and calling you Lord”. He just says “clean me, because you can if you are willing”. What an astounding picture of where our hearts need to be before Jesus.

Jesus responds “I am willing, be clean!” Here is hope for us all. Jesus is willing to clean us when we come to him, but that’s not all, he is also powerful enough to do it! At his word the man is immediately clean.

Jesus then sends the man away to obey God’s law. He must show himself to the priests, and make a sacrifice / gift because he is clean. In other words, respond rightly, live thankfully, obey joyfully! The man was desperate and hopeless but because Jesus was willing he became clean. The gift he gave in response was surely joyful.

Questions to Ponder

Do you kneel desperately before Jesus, dependent on him, bringing nothing, knowing no-one else can help you with your greatest need?

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Sunday School

We need Jesus lesson 1 - We need a rock to build our lives on

Matthew 7:24-29

Simplified Sunday resource to be taught by parents at home during lockdown

What do I want to be known as? A great parent? A great friend? A home schooling legend? A great Christian? Or a great depender on Jesus? Do I know that I bring nothing to the table, relying totally on God? Or do I think that he should be delighted to have me on “his team”?

The only foundation that will stand is Jesus Christ. I can celebrate my simple obedience to him. I can delight in listening to him, loving him, needing him and obeying him. This is safety; any other foundation ends in disaster.

Notes on the passages in the resource:

V24 – Hearing Jesus' teaching is not enough. Shock! Hearing his teaching and obeying him is like wisely building on solid foundations.

V25 – The solid foundation stands strong in all storms. When a person who has put Jesus‘ words into practice stands before Jesus on the day of judgement, they will stand secure. This doesn’t mean they have lived a life of 100% perfect obedience, but that they have obeyed Jesus’ call to repent and come to him for forgiveness when they fail. Whoever has built their life on Christ will be eternally safe with Christ.

V26 – Hearing Jesus' commands and ignoring them is like foolishly building on sand. Before the storm both houses look the same. The lives they represent may well appear the same. It is possible to build a very impressive mansion on sand, or to build a simple shack on rock. Which would you rather shelter in?

V27 – If there is no foundation then there will be a great crash. It may happen in this life, when a storm of intense hardship comes. It will certainly happen at the final judgement. There will be a day when any foundation other than Christ will collapse, leaving us exposed and in great danger.

V28-29 – Jesus' teaching is amazing. If we listen carefully, we will stand awestruck. His words have power. Let’s listen and obey.

Question to ponder: If you were honest with yourself, in the quietness of your heart, how would you finish this sentence, “If the worst happened to me, in those dreadful hours, I would be relying on….”

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Sunday School

The Wonder of Easter

A series of 5 Easter lessons

The Wonder of Easter is a series of 5 lessons following Jesus on his journey in Luke’s Gospel. Through these five passages children will discover the story of Jesus' death and resurrection as the most amazing story ever told.

The lessons have been written to dovetail with the Wonder of Easter book of family Bible times, so that families can explore the Easter story at home while their church teaches these key stories:

The return of the King (Luke 19:30, 35-40)

Taken away by guards (Luke 22:47-54)

Saved! Just in time (Luke 23:32-34, 39-43)

Jesus is alive! (Luke 24:36-49)

He’s gone, we’re still happy (Luke 24:50-53)

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Sunday School

God saves series

Jonah 1-3, Exodus 2:1-10, Mark 5, Luke 1:26-38, John 4:46-54, Luke 2:1-20, John 4:46-54, Mark 5:21-43, Luke 8:40-56, John 11:1-44, Genesis 7;41, 1 Samuel 17 & Exodus 1:2-10;7:14-11:10

12 toddler stories to teach how God saved his people and that Jesus performed miracles to show that he cares and goes onto show that God sent Jesus to save us.

These stories were written to provide a term of weekly slots for a Mums and Toddler Outreach group for the autumn term, ending with Christmas stories. They can just as easily be used in a Dads and Toddler group or in a Sunday Church toddler group.

God saved…. Noah, Joseph, Moses, his people from slavery, David, Jonah

Jesus saved... a little girl, a poorly boy, an old woman, his friend. God sent Jesus to save us, Jesus was born to save us

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