Our reputation has been built on our holiday club materials. Bill & Ted bring the laughs in all of our excellent Heroes Academy programs. Whether you want to run a VBS, a 3 or 4 day club, we can help. Take a look at our materials for running “Dangerous Club”- a monthly after-school outreach club for 8-11's if you want to kick start your youth outreach. 

Holiday Club

Dangerous Club

An evangelistic outreach club


Dangerous Club is a monthly church-run club for children in school years 4-6 (8-11 year olds).

At the centre of the club is a short, clear, evangelistic Bible talk which aims to show children more of Jesus and their need for him in their lives. The activities are big, fun and high energy. Despite its name, there is no real danger involved, but it feels exciting!


In Dangerous Club we want to give older children an opportunity to invite their friends to a club that is specifically aimed at their age group.

Dangerous Club helps children learn how to pray for their friends, invite them to a church event and care for them when they come along.

Dangerous Club can be a great opportunity to teach the Bible in an age specific context. It can also be a fun club to enjoy with their friends, where their church can gain credibility. Finally, it is also an opportunity for new role models to play a part in their life, as leaders care for them and discuss the Bible passage with them.

This package includes 10 short talks and activity plans as well as the information you need to start your own Dangerous Club.

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Holiday Club

Secret Agents (Luke)

Virtual Holiday Club Package

Do you want to know who Jesus really is? Join the Secret Agents Academy and find out the truth as you dig deep into Luke’s Gospel in this 5 day Virtual Holiday Club!

Everything you need for a week of fun, amazing Bible truths, catchy songs and Secret Agent challenges are just a click away.

The package includes:

· A detailed plan for each day (4 days and an all age Sunday service) – includes a running order with links to songs and videos, challenges, worksheets, craft and activity ideas and suggestions for making your Virtual Holiday Club a week of fun with friends when socialising is restricted.

· A short talk for each day – with notes on props to make your talk visual and engaging.

· ‘The Sketch’ videos – our Secret Agent wants to find out who Jesus is. Join him as he shares the day’s Big Question in video 1 and the Big Answer he has uncovered in video 2. These videos can be found on the Faith in Kids Youtube Channel Holiday Club - Secret Agents playlist

Ready to create your Virtual Holiday Club? Download our resources, get your Secret Agent disguise on and get recording!

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Holiday Club

The Heroes Academy - Mark’s Gospel

Mark 1:14-20;2:1-12;8:22-31;15:1-39;10:17-27;16:1-8

Jesus the Superhero

A 5-day program looking at Mark’s account of Jesus' life. Bill and Ted, two likeable characters, attend the Heroes Academy to become super heroes, but soon discover that Jesus is the ultimate super hero worth following - he is real and can save us. A frantic mix of Bible stories, games, crafts, drama, quizzes and challenges.

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Holiday Club

How to run "Dangerous Club"

General guidelines

This document is intended to be studied before using our Dangerous Club materials. It outlines why and how we run our after school club for 8 -11 year olds. It guides you through how to plan and manage the club and gives helpful tips on some common issues.

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