Look back, look up, look on

Family reflections

Parenting often feels like, “wake, eat, sleep, repeat”, so memories and traditions feel like gold dust.

Create a special moment before you return to the routine in January. Light a candle or a fire. Make hot drinks or cold milkshakes. Offer cake or marshmallows. Download our one page “Look back, look up, look on” worksheet

Give the time to the Lord, out loud or in your heart, asking that he would use your efforts.

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Five selected studies from the Wonder of Easter family devotional book. These studies are based on the same passages that we used in our Wonder of Easter Sunday School materials.

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Here are some tips on how to make the Wonder of Easter Sunday School resources work for home church.

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This seminar is the second part of our stream one series. (part 1 is titled: From text to big idea)

An audio recording and handout of a practical workshop for those new to teaching in Sunday school.

From Big idea to lesson plan gives you guidance on how to teach a passage and how to come up with questions for a discussion group

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