Sunday School

God made series

Genesis 1, John 6:1-15, Mark 7:31-37, John 2:1-11, Mark 2:1-11 & John 9

11 toddler stories to teach that God made everything just by speaking and that Jesus also could make and heal just by speaking.

These stories were written to provide a term of weekly slots for a Mums and Toddler Outreach group for the Spring term, ending with an Easter story. They can just as easily be used in a Dads and Toddler group or in a Sunday Church toddler group.

The titles in this series are:
God made... The world, fruit, the sun & moon, fish, animals, people

Jesus... Heals the lame, Heals the blind, Makes a deaf man hear, turns water into wine, Feeds 5000.

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