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I want to go to school series

Psalm 19:1, John 14:17 & Matthew 20:19-20

3 great reasons why we want to go back to school after the holidays

A series of 3 kids slots helping children get excited about going back to school after the summer holidays. The series gives 3 compelling reasons why christian children have more reasons to look forward to going back to school than anyone else:

We go to school with Jesus Christ

We go to school to learn about God’s world

We go to school for Jesus

We’ve included discussion questions for families with each talk. 

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You can download all the handouts from our pre-schooler ministry training day.

The priority of pre-school

Evangelistic decision making

Teaching the Bible to pre-schoolers

Supporting pre-school families

The role of Men in pre-school years

Setting up and running a Junior Jives music group

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All-age Talk

Christmas games and Bible illustrations

Luke 2:8-12, John 3:16;1:14, Isaiah 1:18, Philippians 2:8 & Isaiah 9:6

Games to play and illustrations to use for your Children’s Christmas event

You’ll still need to study the passage, prepare your talk and make it suit your context; but maybe there is just the seed of an idea that you need to get started. This download contains 6 games and Bible illustrations to get you going.

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Children’s ministry for the long haul

Seminar delivered by Mel Lacy at the Big Day Out London 2017 November

What decisions would you make today if we intend to remain in ministry for at least the next 5 years?

What strategic plans will we make for our ministries?

What would we change in our personal habits to ensure that our sacrificial service is sustainable?

Click here to download the handout for this audio recording.

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Easter day

1 Peter 1:3

1 Peter 1:3

This Easter day short all age talk teaches that the resurrections means new life for us if we follow Jesus.

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