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Easter day

1 Peter 1:3

1 Peter 1:3

This Easter day short all age talk teaches that the resurrections means new life for us if we follow Jesus.

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Jesus kept his biggest promise

Luke 24

An Easter talk

The angel reminded the women at the empty tomb that Jesus had said that he would be crucified and then 3 days later, rise again. He had kept his promise
This talk prompts the children to realise that if Jesus had kept this most important promise, then all of his others will certainly be kept.

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Peter and Thomas

Luke 24:12 & John 20:26-28

This assembly aims to show pupils that Jesus has risen from the dead and that at Easter we celebrate the new life he had given us.

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This assembly introduces Jesus‘ death from the point of view of religious leaders and soldiers. It aims to teach that for Christians Jesus’ death and resurrection are the most significant events in history, because it changed everything; the way we think about life, the way we think about death, the way we think about everything.

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RE Lesson

Easter Year 3-4

Mark 11:1-11,Mark 11,27-33,12-18;14:12-25;15;16:1-7 & Matthew 28:8-10

Year 3 and 4

During this 40 minute lesson pupils should learn: The events and significance of Holy Week: 

Palm Sunday (Triumphal entry)

Opposition to Jesus

Last supper and betrayal

Good Friday (trials and crucifixion)

Easter Sunday (resurrection appearance)

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