Jesus feeds the 5000

Mark 6:30-44

This assembly helps children work out who Jesus is through one of his miracles. It also explains that Jesus was kind to feed all those people, exactly the same way as God is kind to us. And that we should always thank people who give us food. 

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Sunday School

God made series

Genesis 1, John 6:1-15, Mark 7:31-37, John 2:1-11, Mark 2:1-11 & John 9

11 toddler stories to teach that God made everything just by speaking and that Jesus also could make and heal just by speaking.

These stories were written to provide a term of weekly slots for a Mums and Toddler Outreach group for the Spring term, ending with an Easter story. They can just as easily be used in a Dads and Toddler group or in a Sunday Church toddler group.

The titles in this series are:
God made... The world, fruit, the sun & moon, fish, animals, people

Jesus... Heals the lame, Heals the blind, Makes a deaf man hear, turns water into wine, Feeds 5000.

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