Junior Jivers introduction

Music and movement class for preschoolers

Junior Jivers is a Christian music and movement class aimed at toddlers and preschoolers and their carers. 

The format of Junior Jivers is designed to encourage each child in their physical, mental, social and spiritual development. Each week there is a structured programme based on a particular theme (e.g. Animals), where a leader directs the group’s singing, dancing and discussion. Parents and carers are encouraged to interact with and assist their child(ren) during the session.

This document outlines how best to run the programme, the structure of each session, what you will need and contains a samle lesson plan.

For detailed termly lesson plans click here.

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Please use these in conjunction with the JJ intro document and video files. Termly plan themes: Animals, Colours, Emotions, Opposites, Transport, Weather, God made me, Jesus' miracles, Thank you God. Here you will also find an Easter talk for your Jiver group as well as a 2 week Christmas programme.

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Kids Slot

Jesus kept his biggest promise

Luke 24

An Easter talk

The angel reminded the women at the empty tomb that Jesus had said that he would be crucified and then 3 days later, rise again. He had kept his promise
This talk prompts the children to realise that if Jesus had kept this most important promise, then all of his others will certainly be kept.

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All-age Talk

Angel’s announcement to Mary

A family Nativity

In this Christmas script  we meet Mary, who is longing for a big adventure. It turns out this servant of God is about to embark on the biggest adventure anyone can imagine: an angel visits to tell her that she is about to give birth to none other than the Son of God.

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Children’s Talk

Angels Family Carol

Luke 1;2 & Matthew 28

This talk is split into 3 sections, to be delivered throughout the service explaining that Jesus is our forever King, our Saviour and what the angel told the shepherds about him was right. It encourages us that this Christmas, we should all make sure Jesus receives the worship he deserves as the living, forever, rescuing King.

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