All-age Talk


Luke 2

A Christmas day package, including a video, a nativity and a shorter punchy, or a longer multi-sensory all age talk

Christmas is an attack on the senses. It is those familiar smells, sights and sounds that bring us rushing back to so many memories. That first Christmas, we hear the ear drum bursting choir of angels, we are blinded by the army of angels, we smell the stable as we see the screaming baby, we hear the shepherds as they run through the streets of Bethlehem telling anyone who listen that their Saviour has been born. Nothing at that first Christmas was muted. Everything was turned up to 11.

Our intro video can be used at the start of an all age service to set the scene for the service.

Our longer all age talk is aimed at an all age carol service that might last an hour, with four parts, each about 5 minutes long.

Our shorter all age talk is aimed at a service that might last 40 minutes. This one is simpler, punchier and more chaotic.

Our nativity script is for an all age service that wants to place the children at the front, telling us the story.

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