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Pre-schooler Ministry

To train and encourage those who want to lead ministry (Evangelism and Discipleship) to families with Pre-School children from the local Church

As always at Massive, we will have a broad range of workshops that allow you to practise keys skills:

  • Evangelistic decision making: what type of pre-schooler groups to run
  • Pre-schoolers in Sunday School: How to teach the Bible to under 5s
  • The role of Men: how are men different and how to reach dads
  • Supporting Families: pre and post natal, marriage, daytime bible groups, parenting pre-schoolers
  • Setting up a “Junior Jivers” group: vision, purpose and recruit strategy
  • Running a “Junior Jivers” group: practicalities

Please join us, with more than a 100 others, to learn how to teach the Bible carefully, engagingly and with enormous fun.