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A training day to excite and equip those involved in children’s ministry

We will equip those working with 5-11 year olds in the local Church. With a day of practical training, all those involved in Sunday School will leave ready and encouraged for the year ahead. 

As always at Massive, we will have a broad range of workshops that allow you to practise keys skills.

Stream 1- For those just starting out

  • How to plan a lesson for a Sunday - from a blank sheet of paper to a lesson plan
  • How to deliver a lesson for a Sunday - including video footage ofa  class being taught
  • Delivering same lesson to different age groups
  • I’m a beginner get me out of here! For those feeling daunted and don’t know where to start

Stream 2 - Beyond the basics, for those who have been teaching a while 

  • Leading a class with the full diversity of children
  • How to teach children parts of the Bible that aren’t stories
  • Teaching 8-11s: the special challenges of the pre-teen group
  • Taking another under your wings: how to make a start in coaching others

Stream 3 - For those leading the team

  • Engaging parents positively and partnering with families
  • The Rota: achieving consistency in constant change
  • Reaching, teaching and keeping the unreached: evangelistic outreach clubs and guest events

Please join us, with more than a 100 others, to learn how to teach the Bible carefully, engagingly and with enormous fun.

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