• Venue Zoom
  • Date Thursday 17 March 2022
  • Time 10:00am - 12:30pm
  • Book Book Online

Intergenerational ministry happens when we bring the generations together in mutual serving, sharing and learning to live out being the body of Christ to each other and the greater community. Encouraging parents to disciple their own children is one part of this, but it is not the whole. Church is one of the only places where all generations are present. Each generation is a gift to the others. The young bring their energy and questions; the mature model wisdom and share their experience. All generations stand before Christ as equal recipients of God’s grace. It is a beautiful vision but the difficulties are immediately clear to anyone who has been around families for long.

We will gather to grasp the vision, to ponder ways to see it in practise and to explore the obstacles. We will explore the philosophy that underpins this growing movement as well as the intentional steps that our churches can take. We will grapple with accessible all age services as well as leaving time to explore the cultural changes that may be needed.

The Big Day Out exists:

to bring together leaders for encouragement in children’s and families' ministry

to inspire and train for excellence in these ministries

The Big Day Out is a termly day for those involved in leading the Children’s ministry in their local Church. Whether you are full time, part time or spare time, we hope the day will encourage and equip you.

All are welcome!