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Pre-schooler Ministry

A family with a pre-school child represents a huge opportunity for the local Church!

Let our churches teach, care for and pray for these precious children so they can say that they have never known a day without Jesus Christ in their lives.

Stream 1: Strategic thinking

Session 1 : Evangelistic decision making
What events and ministries can our church run? What support and training can we offer our church parents?

Session 2 : The role of men in the Pre-school years
Is there a role for men in parenting, in caring for pre-school families and in reaching other dads in their communities? How can we run a Dads and toddlers group that is appealing and effective?

Stream 2: Practical thinking

Session 1: Teaching the Bible to Pre-schoolers
Beginners and advanced preschool leaders will leave with new skills and plenty of encouragement to take their classes to the next level.

Stream 2: Supporting Pre-school families
The opportunities for ministry in this season of life, particularly to those within the Church. What is a family in this season of life experiencing? What support can a church offer to families? 

Stream 3: Starting and growing a Junior Jivers group

Session 1: Setting up a Junior Jivers group
Junior Jivers is a music and movement group for Pre-school children and their carers, using Christian songs and stories. Learn about the concept, curriculum and leadership of these popular groups.

Session 2: Running a Junior Jivers group
Starting a ministry is one thing. It is an entirely different proposition leading the team to ensure your Junior Jivers group is an effective ministry reaching those in the community who would not otherwise step foot into the church. Come and learn from a number of experienced group leaders.

We will run a cash only bookstall on the day, filled with the best resources for reaching families with pre-schoolers.

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Big Day Out Exeter

Showing them Jesus

Our essential work of showing Christ to children and training others to do the same.

More details soon

Dangerous Camping

Dangerous Camping

A weekend for children aged 7-11 and their Dads

A camping weekend for children and their Dads in the Kent countryside. We will be running a Dangerous Camping weekend for boys and girls in school years 3-6 and their Dads, open to any interested churches. The weekend will be run in partnership with Oak Hall holidays. Our hope is that scattered around the walled garden will be little pods of 5 or 6 tents. Each pod coming from one church. So no matter how many come to the weekend, each family will be amongst those they know from their own church, not lost in the crowd. Each tent will have a Dad and their child(ren). Perhaps one or two of those tents will have a Dad who isn’t normally in church, with his child(ren). We organise the activities, the food and the Bible teaching. We will help the group leader to run the two 10 minute family devotions after breakfast each morning.

TImetable (subject to change)


19:00 onwards Arrival and Dinner


07:30 Breakfast

08:00 Pod Bible Time.

09:00 Sports

10:00 Big Activity

12:00 Craft

12:45 Lunch

13:30 Briefing for the Woodland Activity

14:00 The Woodland Activity

15:30 Cakes and Drinks

16:30 “Dad” Time- Just time to relax together without children

Woodland Finale & Wood Gathering

18:00 Barbecue Dinner

19:30 Fun around the campfire

20:30 Pod time 

22:00 Curfew. Enforced Bedtime for children.


07:30 Breakfast 

08:00 Pod Bible Time.

09:00 Departure

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