Dangerous Camping

Dangerous Camping

A weekend for children aged 7-11 and their Dads

A camping weekend for children and their Dads in the Kent countryside. We will be running a Dangerous Camping weekend for boys and girls in school years 3-6 and their Dads, open to any interested churches. The weekend will be run in partnership with Oak Hall holidays. Our hope is that scattered around the walled garden will be little pods of 5 or 6 tents. Each pod coming from one church. So no matter how many come to the weekend, each family will be amongst those they know from their own church, not lost in the crowd. Each tent will have a Dad and their child(ren). Perhaps one or two of those tents will have a Dad who isn’t normally in church, with his child(ren). We organise the activities, the food and the Bible teaching. We will help the group leader to run the two 10 minute family devotions after breakfast each morning.

TImetable (subject to change)


19:00 onwards Arrival and Dinner


07:30 Breakfast

08:00 Pod Bible Time.

09:00 Sports

10:00 Big Activity

12:00 Craft

12:45 Lunch

13:30 Briefing for the Woodland Activity

14:00 The Woodland Activity

15:30 Cakes and Drinks

16:30 “Dad” Time- Just time to relax together without children

Woodland Finale & Wood Gathering

18:00 Barbecue Dinner

19:30 Fun around the campfire

20:30 Pod time 

22:00 Curfew. Enforced Bedtime for children.


07:30 Breakfast 

08:00 Pod Bible Time.

09:00 Departure

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Timetable for the day:

9.30 am Arrive and Coffee

9.45 Welcome. Ed Drew, Director of Faith in Kids

Short Bible thought to introduce the day
+ a chance to introduce ourselves and our ministries (Church, own ministry, current delights and points for prayer). Pray for one another and the day.

10.30 The basis of authentic, effective children’s ministry
As we explore starting The Humber Big Day Out, what is the basis of our shared children’s ministry?
What will be the focus of our time together, as we explore encouragement and training together?
As those who lead children’s ministry in our churches, do we have shared goals and priorities?

11.30 Grab a Coffee

12.00 Developing an effective routine in our Sunday Schools
Children will thrive in our Sunday Schools when they understand what is happening and what is expected of them. A clear routine for their time together, that all our leaders can own, will help create a positive atmosphere where children can learn. We will look at one model for such a routine and share experiences.

12.45 Lunch – Please bring your own packed lunch.

2.00 Training the trainers: Excellent small groups
If you’re teaching the Bible in an After School Club, an evening club or in a Church Sunday School; then small groups towards the end of the session allow children to move from passive listeners to active learners; praying and knowing how to live out the Bible’s teaching. We’ll look at leading better small groups.

3.15 What next for The Humber Big Day Out?
Has today been helpful?
If we repeat this, what should we put on the agenda?
Are there others to invite?

3.30 Wrap up and Finish

A partnership between Go On training, Insight and Faith in Kids.

4 Seminar streams to choose from:

Stream 1 New to teaching (For beginners)

Stream 2 Beyond the basics (For those who have been going for a while)

Stream 3 Tips from teachers (Learn key skills from Primary School teachers)

Stream 4 Overseeing kid’s ministry (For those who lead their church’s kid’s ministry)

Please bring your own lunch. The nearest shops are at least 10 minutes walk away. Refreshments and snacks provided.