Header: Bake along

What: A bake along video for families to watch, to bake and to hear how Jesus is ‘God with us’

When: Saturday 12th, December 2020

Time: 2PM

Where: Facebook Watch Party & YouTube Premiere

You need to:

  • Gather your ingredients, a mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and a baking tray
  • Grab your computer or tablet, tuned into our Facebook or YouTube channel
  • Get ready to bake along with Martha and Ed
bake along ingredients

On Saturday 12th December 2020, at 2PM, Faith in Kids will broadcast a bake-along video as a YouTube premiere and Facebook Watch Party. Our 30 minute video will feature Martha Collison guiding families through baking gingerbread men & women. This realtime baking lesson will be interspersed with short all age talks explaining the reason for the season. Our hope is that some families will deliver all the ingredients needed to their friends, with an invitation to join us for our all age bake-along experience.

Through the wonders of the internet, anyone can join us from anywhere in the world. No tickets. No charge. No hassle! Why not get a Zoom watch party going to connect friends when we can’t sit, mix and taste together!

Download your printable invitation (including list of ingredients and gingerbread stencil)

Martha and Ed

Martha Collison was the youngest ever contestant on the Great British Bake Off. Her love of baking has stemmed, somewhat unusually, from her parent’s relaxed attitude to letting a small child loose in the kitchen! Noticing a gap in the shape of freshly baked cakes and biscuits, she decided to fill it, and hasn’t stopped since opening her first recipe book, aged 8.

Ed Drew is the Director of Faith in Kids, which exists to help parents and churches tell children about Jesus Christ. As a child he learnt to make Black Forest Gateau because it was his favourite. That was a long time ago. He has never been filmed baking before, but how badly can it go?


Want to know more about what the Christmas Bake Along is all about? Read this dedicated blog post where you can see how to join us and how to use it to share the true meaning of Christmas with your friends and church families.