An inspector is tasked to find out the the truth about Easter. With the help of a Roman soldier and Peter, he finally understands that Easter is about Jesus' death and resurrection and that he died to save normal people like us.

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Sunday School

Toddler Easter story

A talk that explains that Easter eggs symbolize new life, and that Jesus came to give us new life. Use it in a toddler group or as part of an Easter family service.

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RE Lesson

Easter Foundation stage


This 20 minute lesson aims to teach pupils that some stories are special to religious groups. It explains that at Easter Christians celebrate Jesus' new life.

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RE Lesson

Easter Year 3-4

Mark 11:1-11,Mark 11,27-33,12-18;14:12-25;15;16:1-7 & Matthew 28:8-10

Year 3 and 4

During this 40 minute lesson pupils should learn: The events and significance of Holy Week: 

Palm Sunday (Triumphal entry)

Opposition to Jesus

Last supper and betrayal

Good Friday (trials and crucifixion)

Easter Sunday (resurrection appearance)

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Peter and Thomas

Luke 24:12 & John 20:26-28

This assembly aims to show pupils that Jesus has risen from the dead and that at Easter we celebrate the new life he had given us.

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