You can download all the handouts from our pre-schooler ministry training day.

The priority of pre-school

Evangelistic decision making

Teaching the Bible to pre-schoolers

Supporting pre-school families

The role of Men in pre-school years

Setting up and running a Junior Jives music group

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The priority of pre-school

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The pre-school years are strategically important for every church. These are critical years both for the child and their parents. Ed Drew, Director of Faith in Kids, explains from the Bible how the Good News of Jesus shapes our thinking as we seek to minister to pre-school families. 

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Kids Slot

What is God like?

In this series of 7 short all age talks children and their families learn that: 

God is Holy, God is three persons, God is everywhere, God is forever, God is in charge, God is love.

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All-age Talk

Christmas games and Bible illustrations

Luke 2:8-12, John 3:16;1:14, Isaiah 1:18, Philippians 2:8 & Isaiah 9:6

Games to play and illustrations to use for your Children’s Christmas event

You’ll still need to study the passage, prepare your talk and make it suit your context; but maybe there is just the seed of an idea that you need to get started. This download contains 6 games and Bible illustrations to get you going.

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During this 30 minute lesson pupils will learn that Christmas is a Christian festival remembering the birth of the Baby Jesus and the events surrounding his birth. 2 options for a craft activity included in the lesson plan.

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