This download contains a seminar audio recording and a handout. A great way to encourage and enthuse your Sunday School team while explaining to them how to give children the best start.

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Seminar recording about the important role dads play in pre-school ministry. 

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Supporting pre-school families

audio file

A seminar recording full of useful tips on how your church can support families during those critical pre-school years.

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All-age Talk

Easter Day Talk

Luke 24

Based on Luke 24: 36-45

Jesus showed his friends his scars and ate food to prove that it was really him. We can be certain that Jesus rose from the dead.

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You can download all the handouts from our pre-schooler ministry training day.

The priority of pre-school

Evangelistic decision making

Teaching the Bible to pre-schoolers

Supporting pre-school families

The role of Men in pre-school years

Setting up and running a Junior Jives music group

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