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Whole Family Ministry

The Big Day Out exists:

to bring together Children’s ministry leaders for encouragement
to inspire and train for excellence in Children’s ministry

The Big Day Out is a termly day for those involved in leading the Children’s ministry in their local Church. Whether you are full time, part time or spare time, we hope the day will encourage and equip you. All are welcome.


Whole Family Ministry

When asked which two or three reasons were most important in bringing practicing young people to faith, the most popular answer was “growing up in a Christian family”.

Despite 85% of parents believing that they are primarily responsible for the child’s spiritual development, they also genuinely believe that Church is better placed than they are to actually do it.

Parents know that they are the key people in helping their children to decide to follow Christ. And yet, so often the parents look to their church to do the job for them. Join us at the Big Day Out, to learn how you, in the local church, can partner with parents, encouraging them that they can play their full part and supporting them as they do.